Stone Veneer Siding Installation Cost
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Stone Veneer Siding Installation Cost

Stone Veneer Siding Installation Cost

Stone veneer siding is a decorative and protective layer applied to any vertical walls or surfaces. On average, stone veneer siding installation will cost $10.50 per square foot. Prices will range from $6-$15 per square foot, according to

Stone Veneer Siding

This type of siding was originally created to mimic the look of natural stone at a much more affordable price. Stone veneer can be built with lightweight materials, typically placed over cement, timber or wood. This siding is more energy efficient than natural stone, which will save business or homeowners money over the long term. The only drawback with stone veneer is it is not as durable as natural stone.

Repairs may be necessary as the siding ages. Compared to the installation cost of natural stone, though, stone veneer is the much cheaper option. Siding costs will obviously vary based on how large the home is and if full or partial siding installation is needed.

Stone Veneer Installation Cost

  • Average cost of a 215 square foot installation project: $1,490.77-$2,086.04
  • Cost of materials and supplies for installation: $67.40-$72.98
  • Special equipment cost: $32.74-$50.93

Labor Cost

  • Lowest cost: $271.59
  • Highest cost: $537.23
  • Estimated time of labor: 9.6 hours

Total Cost Of Stone Veneer Siding Installation

  • Lowest cost: $1,862.50
  • Highest cost: $2,747.19
  • Average project size: 215 square feet

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