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Stone Veneer Installation

We can install stone veneer on houses, foundations, interior walls, drywall, outdoor kitchens, firepits, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, concrete walls, concrete steps, fences, gates, front porch, back porch, columns, retaining walls, flooring, exterior basement walls, garden walls, commercial signs, exterior brick and more.

Residential & Commercial Stone Veneer Applications

Exterior Stone Veneer Applications

  • Exterior Wall Siding
  • Partial Wall Siding
  • Decking
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Gate or Fencing
  • Chimney
  • Porch Dormer
  • Home Facades
  • Commercial Building Siding

Interior Stone Veneer Applications

  • Mantle
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Interior Walkways & Walls
  • Commercial Interiors

Stone Veneer Siding

Our stone siding contractors can help with professional stone siding installation. Siding protects your home from the rain, sun, moisture and other elements with unmistakable refinement and exceptional style. With high quality stone siding you can prevent damage to your home and increase its ability to retain warm or cool air. Learn more about home siding installation.

Real stone siding also makes your home or commercial building look more unique and beautiful in appearance. Are you thinking about installing stone siding on your home? JLC Enterprises has years of experience in natural stone installation for residential and commercial projects.

With JLC Enterprises on the job, you will have a team of contractors helping you at every step of the way. We are a trustworthy team of contractors that arrive on time, completes work on schedule and stays within the predetermined budget of the project. Learn more about different types of house stone.

Types Of Natural Stone Veneer We Work With

We install all different types of stone veneer including:

Coastal Reef
Country Rubble
Ledge Cut 33
Rough Cut

Top Rock
Cut Corse
Mountain Ledge

River Rock
Via Rock
Roma Brick
Rustic Ledge
Tundra Brick
Modena Brick

Weather Ledge
Coastal Ledge
Shadow Rock
Real Stone Siding…

What Is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a decorative and protective covering for interior and exterior surfaces and walls. Stone veneer can be made from manufactured or natural stone. Read More About Stone Veneer here. Read our 5 star reviews on Houzz.

What Is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Manufactured stone veneer is a mix of concrete which is colored, molded, and textured to look like real stone. Manufactured stone veneer is also known by many other names including: Faux stone, veneer stone, fake stone, cultured stone, and lick and stick stone.

Manufactured stone is great because it uses lightweight aggregates or concrete to create the stone. This results in a much lighter material that is far easier to install and negates the need for extra lintels, wall ties, ledges and foundations.

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