Patio Cover Vs Pergola
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Patio Cover Vs Pergola

Patio Cover Vs Pergola

Are you having trouble deciding between installing a patio cover or a pergola? Let’s take a look at the benefits of both structures and some key differences!

What Is A Patio Cover?

Unlike a pergola, a patio cover is essentially an extension of your home. The patio cover roof is typically covered with asphalt shingles designed to match the look of the home or garage. In most cases, the patio cover will be attached to the exterior siding. Patio covers can range in design and customized features.

These features may include materials such as wood stains, stone and built-in light fixtures. A patio cover is a great addition for any homeowner looking to add both protection from rain and shade from sunlight exposure.

What Is A Pergola?

Most experts do not define pergolas as a roof since it is built from a frame with open rafters. This means it cannot fully protect a home from inclement weather. Pergolas can, however, add much-needed shade to a backyard or garden area.

Pergolas can either be freestanding structures or attached to the home, depending on type of design desired. Homeowners can choose from a variety of high-quality wood stains or iron elements to build a pergola that can withstand weather conditions and add to the character of your home.

Differences Between Patio Cover And Pergola

Choosing between adding a pergola or patio cover can best be done by sifting through the differences of the structures. These differences will help give you a clear understanding of what would look best alongside your home. Take a look at a few key differences below.

1. Cost

Pergolas tend to be cheaper than most patio covers due to their simple designs. Patio covers will take a longer time to construct, adding to installation and labor costs. Sometimes, though, the expense of the covered patios is worth it because these structures will undoubtedly add more protection than pergolas.

2. Design

Overall look and design is a key difference between the two structures. Covered patios are a true extension of the home, meaning you can really get creative with design options and customized features. By comparison, pergolas are built of wood, vinyl or other high-quality materials and aren’t as easy to customize.

3. Privacy

The size of your existing outdoor space will help you decide how large you’d like the pergola or patio cover to be. It’s recommended that each structure should be sized to match the scale of other existing elements in the yard. This will make the area as aesthetically-pleasing as possible.

4. Support

Pergolas and patio covers are supported in different ways. A covered patio extends directly from the home to an outdoor wall. Pergolas are independently supported structures that can be placed either on the patio or any other area in the yard.

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