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Yard Drainage Solutions For AC Condensation Drain Runoff

Yard Drainage Solutions For AC Condensation Drain Runoff

If your AC unit constantly drains into your front or backyard, you will want to reduce the amount of surface water. Let’s take a look at some solutions for AC condensation runoff issues.

AC Condensation Drain Runoff Solutions

Whether you choose to tackle this issue yourself or hire the professionals, your solution is likely to involve the following:

  • Rerouting the AC drain water.
  • Improving the soil in your yard.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to solve your drainage problem.

Rerouting AC Drain Condensation

The first step here is to properly re-route some of the drainage water elsewhere. Try these ideas below:

  • Underground drain pipe: Run the condensation drain into a buried drainage line in order to hide this drain pipe. The water can be routed downhill and away from your yard.
  • Aboveground extension pipe: Attach this extension pipe or hose to the AC drain. Next, extend it downhill from the house.
  • Catch basin: You can put catch basin in the center of any puddles that may be collecting at this time. A catch basin is a buried box featuring a grate on top and openings for the underground pipes to connect. Surface water will flow into this basin.
  • French drain: A French drain will route water away underground by allowing it to flow through a trench filled with gravel.
  • Bucket: If the AC unit is located high enough off the ground, you may route the condensation drain pipe into a bucket or barrel.
  • Dry well: If there is no place for drainage pipes in your property, you can construct a dry well at the lowest point of the area. A dry well is a hole filled with rock and gravel, providing a spot for water to collect.

Improving Soil In Your Yard

Whenever the water coming from your AC unit causes your ground to become boggy, it’s clear your soil is not draining properly. Try these ways to improve the soil’s ability to absorb water:

  • Soil percolation test: This test will help determine the drainage rate of your soil.
  • Aerate and top-dress soil: Core aeration will remove small plugs of soil, allowing you to top-dress the lawn in order to add organic matter. Doing this each and every year will improve the soil’s overall quality.
  • Grade lot: When your yard is shaped like a bowl, you should consider having the land graded. This will give the water runoff more places to settle.
  • Add plants: Try adding some water-loving plants to put that excess water to good use.

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