How To Build A Freestanding Patio Cover
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How To Build A Freestanding Patio Cover

How To Build A Freestanding Patio Cover

Follow our step-by-step guide to build your own freestanding patio cover.

Step 1. Gather The Proper Materials

  • Start by preparing pressure-treated boards in these sizes: 4×4, 2×4, 2×6 and 2×10.
  • Gather a hammer, shovel, socket set, circular saw, wheelbarrow, spade, screwdriver, power drill and jigsaw.
  • Have some gravel, lag bolts, level, galvanized screws and some gravel just in case.

Step 2. Find A Location

  • Measure the size of the area where you’d like to build the patio cover.
  • Use either a rope or stakes to measure the area.
  • Begin digging out holes for the posts.
  • Make sure the depth of each hole is 24 inches with a width of 9 inches.

Step 3. Prepare Wooden Posts

  • Take time to remove moisture since this material can be prone to deterioration.
  • Incorporate some gravel into each hole for prevention purposes.
  • The layer depth should be around 3 inches.
  • Tamp it down afterward.
  • Pour that same amount of gravel into the holes before tamping them down each time.

Step 4. Install The Posts

  • Place the 4×4 posts into position.
  • Use the 2×4 boards to keep the posts in place.
  • Confirm all post levels before adding cement.
  • Create a mixture of quick-dry cement, referencing the label directions.
  • Pour the mixture around each post.
  • Wait at least 24 hours to let the cement dry completely.

Step 5. Assemble The Beams

  • Use the 2×10 boards as the beams.
  • Each beam should be able to cover the distance from one post to another.
  • Make sure you are careful while cutting the beams.
  • Once you get the beam, drill holes through it and the core posts, allowing you to assemble them.
  • Use your 3-inch lag bolts to connect these two parts.
  • Confirm the levels of each beam before moving on to the next step.

Step 6. Structure The Roof

  • Cut your 2×6 boards as needed.
  • Do not cut the boards at identical length as the patio because they need to hang over the outdoor space a bit.
  • Cut the boards longer than the patio.
  • Arrange the boards to cross the joint beams, forming a perpendicular pattern.
  • The boards must be evenly situated across the top of the patio.
  • Use galvanized deck screws to keep the boards in place.

Step 7. Furnish The Freestanding Patio

  • Cover the top with your preferred material.
  • This could be anything from metal panels to lattice wood.
  • Furnish the patio with decorations and furniture.
  • Check the level one more time before completing this project.

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